In 1986, Russ Heissner came to Boston to be the first head brewer at Harpoon. In 2016, a new brewing adventure began in Weymouth, MA.

The BHZ team brews small-batch, barrel-aged beer that’s created collaboratively with an ever-changing roster of innovative brewers. Our philosophy, however, never varies. We believe the best beer comes from exceptional ideas & ingredients–and is guided by rigorous technique.

Our pilot plant is in constant motion. We tap a new Pilot Pour weekly, which means you’ll find 10 to 12 amazing brews in our tasting room. Always something new. We also brew beer for draft & bottles. 


BEERS | Bottles, Cans, Draft

BATCH #3: Huell Melon, El Dorado 


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An ever-changing series of beers from our pilot plant. Great beers come, stay a while, and then new greats take their place. 

As a small-batch brewery, this list is happily subject to constant change. Updated: 12/11/18

Angus || Wee Heavy 7.1%
Fermented in Downeast Cider Barrel
This wee heavy was fermented in a Downeast cider barrel as part of our continuing FIB series. Much to love about this wee heavy: deep amber color, with sweet apple upfront, plus note of burnt sugar, caramel, and biscuit.

Fugglier Sweater || Cranberry Berliner Weisse 5.6%
Tis the season to be tart. And to honor a woodsy, herbal hop called Fuggle. Love ya Fuggle! On the nose: bready aroma with hint of spice. On the palate: tart, cranberry notes upfront with hint of sweet orange. Warm zing of fresh ginger on the finish.

Baby Spice || Spiced Blonde Ale 5.1%
Downeast Cider Barrel Aged
With apple wine notes that point to some very happy days aging in a beautiful Downeast Cider barrel, Baby Spice will take you to a warm, mulled place. Fall & Chai spices infuse a creamy, rich character. Think cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and black cardamom.

BROWN BAG IT || Brown Baggot 12.9%
Double Oak Bourbon Barrel Aged
Collab with Shaun Andruk and Bert Mayer of the Mashholes Home Brew Club. First sip reveals the mead aspect of the beer as well as honey (1 lb. of honey/gallon of beer in this recipe), nuts, molasses, sherry. Next, you'll detect supporting specialty grains, caramel, hints of chocolate and spice. On finish, oaky tannins + bourbon warmth. 

BRAVO ZULU || Belgian Dark Strong Ale 9.8%
Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged
Our 2nd community tap collab with Black Ale Project. Brewed with black currants and aged in rye whiskey barrels. Bright, slightly tart fruitiness that complements the caramel and chocolate notes, along with a hint of spice. Think dark chocolate bar with dried cranberries. 

Three Lions || English Pale Ale 5.7%
More than just a pale ale, this is our bloody pale ale: a fiery red-orange brew with an earthy, floral, resinous aroma. Flavor notes include breadiness, pine, citrus pith and spice. Well-balanced bitterness.

Grove Crush || Berliner Weisse 5%
On the nose: light citrus + mango. On the palette: refreshingly tart, well-balanced match up of mango + grapefruit. Nothing heavy. Everything's chill with this beer.    

Fingerpaint || Double Red IPA 8.5%
Collab with BHZ’s own Dan O'Donnell. Big, bold, smooth with a balanced bitter backbone. Hint of caramel. Earthy, dry, spicy complexity from rye. Dry hopped with Centennial for citrus and underlying resin notes.

Swear Jar || Milk Porter 5.9%
Smooth, dark, full-bodied ale. Big chocolate notes that carry a slight roastiness. Lactose is added, which layers an already amazing chocolate base with a welcome hint of creamy coffee ice cream on the palate.

Zelato || Stout 10.5% — NITRO only
Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel Aged
Sweet maple notes. Essential chocolate bitterness from chocolate malt + dark roasted barley. Woody notes—slightly fruity—due to re-fermentation occurring from beer’s interaction with residual maple syrup. Rich mouthfeel.

Born Of Fire || Smoked Porter 7.2%
Whiskey Barrel Aged
Smooth smoke from Beechwood-smoked malt, plus notes of chocolate and caramel. Just enough warm whiskey on the finish. Currently on nitro only, which will make you even happier.

Festbier || Märzen 5.8%
Super smooth amber lager with light, bready aroma. Crisp, biscuity, and toasty. Hint of caramel. Faint hoppy notes of earth and cedar. 

BAM BAM Batch #2 | Double IPA 8.8% 
BATCH #2 features Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe. Simcoe rounds out Mosaic and Citra’s pineapple, orange & mango notes, adding bright touches of passionfruit and pine. ABV 8.8%

Townie Double | Irish Strong Ale 12%
Rum and Bourbon Barrel Aged
Aged for 3 month in rum barrels and then 18 months in bourbon barrels. Flavor notes include strong caramel backbone with enhanced notes of caramel, vanilla, butterscotch, and oak.

maine root| root beer & orange
spindrift | sparkling water

warm pretzels with sauce

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