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Bottle Release Date: Late December 2016
Style: Strong Irish Ale
1mos. Rum barrel aged: 12 oz. bottles,4-packs and draft
ITB (In the Buff or unaged): 16 oz. cans, 4 packs

Townie salutes the neighborhoods all over Massachusetts, as well as the people who call them home. For co-brewer Dan McGuire, Irish by descent with impeccable taste in beer, this was the beer that must be brewed. Whether you’re Irish or not, you’ll understand why.

Story: For our 3rd collaboration, brewers Dan McGuire and Russ Heissner selected Pale and Dark Crystal Malts for big flavor with a smooth finish. Apollo and Cascade hops lend a balanced floral essence. It's important to note that Dan not only knows his beer. He's also the mastermind behind BHZ's legendary macanadas, a masterpiece that fills crispy empandas with creamy mac 'n cheese. Townie & macanadas? Match made in heaven.

Barrel: 1-month Rum barrel aged ABV: 9.2%
ITB:  In the Buff (not barrel aged)  ABV: 8.5%