Mythical Creatures Series: No. 1

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small-batch brewing is going to an even smaller, more limited place.

In addition to small-scale production (only 150 cases), the Mythical Creature series will share three other series-defining attributes: an uncommonly creative brewing approach, availability only at BHZ, and one + done production.

Just like all fabled beasts, each release will come, and go, like a shadow in the night. Don’t miss out.

Pengtaur || New England IPA 7%

As a New England-based craft brewery, it may seem a little strange that Pengtaur is our first New England IPA can release. However, it makes perfect sense for us. We wanted to be sure we had something new and meaningful to contribute to what has become a super-popular style.

Pengtaur, the beer, and Pengtaur the mythical mash up of penguins and centaurs, both come from the unruly imagination of BHZ brewer C.J. Falk. To ensure a BHZ-take on the venerable NEIPA, C.J. created a recipe for a juicy brew that strikes just the right balance in NEIPA universe. Right haze. Right juice. Right acidity. We developed this recipe in our pilot system over the past few months. After a few tweaks here & there, we’re ready for Pengtaur’s limited release.

With New England IPAs, hop selection is paramount. We dry hopped with Ella and Ekaunot. If you ask us, Ella and Ekaunot aren’t paired up nearly enough. And these two hops that are meant to be together … just like penguins and centaurs.

Ella—the young, half-sister of Galaxy—is C.J.’s favorite hop. A high concentration of Ella gives rolling waves of grapefruit and tropical fruit. Ekaunot also amps up the tropical fruit profile. With Ekaunot, candied orange and mango rise to the top of the tropical pool, along with a splash of tart lime. Together, they lend Pengtaur a wonderful balance of ripe, juicy fruit along with bright grapefruit and lime zestiness.