Quincy Patriot Ledger: Craft brewery to open next year in Weymouth

WEYMOUTH – A pioneer in the craft-brewing movement is hoping to tap into South Shore beer lovers’ thirst for something a little bit different with a new brewery in Weymouth.

Russ Heissner, who was the first brewmaster at Harpoon Brewery when it opened in Boston, recently leased a 9,600-square-foot space on Woodrock Road and plans to open Barrel House Z, a brewery focusing on small-batch, barrel-aged beers, by the middle of next year...

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Boston Magazine: Barrel House Z Is Bringing Small-Batch, Aged Beers to Weymouth

Russ Heissner was a pioneer when he joined Harpoon Brewery as its first brewmaster in 1986. Now, he’s poised to put the South Shore on the area’s growing craft beer map with Barrel House Z, a collaborative brewery slated to open in Weymouth in mid-2016.

Barrel House Z announced today that it has signed a lease for a 16,000-square foot production facility on Woodrock Road...

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Bostinno: 15 New & Badass Craft Breweries in Massachusetts

Starting a craft brewery – especially in the hop-heavy confines of Massachusetts – is anything but a sure bet. But you know what they say: with great risk comes great reward. And beer.

Because we're always on the lookout for the next great thing, we took a look at some of the best new breweries in Massachusetts – and a few that are a bit more established and seem poised for a growth spurt. This is by no means an exhaustive catalog, just those we've been hearing about most lately. If you've got additions, tweet them at me: @alexeweaver...

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Boston Globe: Back in brewing, he’s having barrel of fun

The early days of Harpoon Brewery, like the early days of any company getting off the ground, were part romance, part blistering reality.

Russell Heissner was Harpoon’s first employee. He remembers heady times at the forefront of an industry that would go on to see explosive growth, the excitement of introducing a Miller Lite drinker to an ale. Initially, though, Harpoon wasn’t rolling in the dough. Eventually, the long hours became too much...

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Brewbound: Harpoon, Bully Boy Distillers Back New Small-Batch Brewery

Even after leaving the craft beer industry more than a decade ago, Russell Heissner always imagined himself returning. Now, after three years of planning, that time has finally come.

Backed by Harpoon Brewery and Bully Boy Distillers, Heissner is getting set to launch Barrel House Z, a collaborative, small-batch brewery on the south shore of Massachusetts specializing in malt-forward, barrel-aged offerings...

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