Limited Opening for Crowlers To-Go Starts This Week

Lots of stuff going on at BHZ!

Week of July 11th: We offered BHZ email subscribers a chance to get their hands on our first release: Sunny & 79º. The result? LOTS of 32 oz. crowlers sold. Never fear, we’ve got more and you’ll be able to come & get 'em.

Starting July 19th: BHZ will be ramping up by kicking off crowler-to-go sales three days a week.

Come see us at 95 Woodrock Road in Weymouth:

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday4pm – 7 pm to purchase Sunny & 79º crowlers

While we can’t invite you in for a tour or tasting (YET) we’re looking forward to the day we can (SOON).

The reason for our gradual approach is two-fold. First: more construction needs to be done. Second: our pour permit is pending. We’re hoping to get both of these things wrapped up by mid-August, so then you can stop by for a beer on tap and/or get a crowler to-go as well.

Mid-August:  We’re hoping construction will be behind us and our pour permit will be up on the wall. With those two items checked off our list, we’ll get our tap room open and a complete line up of Pilot Pours beers – the rotating series of beers from our pilot plant – out for tasting. We’ll also have light snacks to keep hunger at bay and our event planning will kick into gear.

Late August: The bottling line should be here! We’ll get it installed as fast as humanly possible and hope to have bottled beer out to select accounts by early September.

Questions? Let us know!