Coming (Soon) to a Crowler Near You

Beers is being brewed at Barrel House Z.  How's that for great news?

Beer for our Pilot Pour series as well beer that will be available in can/bottles and on draft. Our ABCC license from the great state of Massachusetts arrived the other day. So, yah: We’re brewing!

Soon you’ll be setting your GPS of choice to 95 Woodrock Rd., Weymouth, MA, and before you know it, you’ll be walking through our doors. You won’t get far though, because you will have to stop and admire what we feel is a dang good looking bar area. It’s fair to say that old barrel staves have been taken to a place they’ve never been before. True, the tap room will be a work in progress, but you’re still going to be impressed. Promise. Some great people are doing some very cool stuff. And it shows.

Our first beers from our pilot program, should be ready to open our Pilot Pour series by the end of June as ITB (In the Buff/unaged), followed by 1-month versions available in July. Sunny & 79º (Ginned Pils), RATH (Extra Special Brown Sugar Ale), and RR#23 (Red Rye Ale) are among the offerings.  From there, we’ll have an ongoing rotation of five or six different beers–some barrel-aged, some ITB–in Pilot Pours. Great beers will come, stay a while, and then the next great beers will take their place. Always something new with Pilot Pours.

Our Pilot Pours series will be available only at Barrel House Z. Until our tap room is ready to open, we’ll be selling beer to go in 32 oz. crowlers, which will have labels like the one you see above, wrapped around them.

BHZ beer should be ready for commercial distribution by early August. Sunny & 79º will be first up as is befitting a beer that salutes all things summer. You’ll find an ITB version in cans and on draft. We will also distribute a 1-mos and 3-mos aged version of Sunny & 79º in bottles and on draft.

More news, details, and info as it unfolds.