The Inner Life of a 15,000lb. Chiller

Our chiller, a highly intelligent, stainless steel beast – just arrived from Eugene, Oregon.

In brewing, smarts + muscle is what’s needed to to handle things like fermentation crash and other critical cooling needs: brite tank temperature, tank temp during the fermentation process, wort cooling. We believe brewing is art guided by science. Which means we count on certainty in our process. Our behemoth will definitely keep everything (and one) chill.

Lots of other stuff going on. Here’s a few things we’re up to:

  • Epoxy floor is being installed. The always timeless color of grey has been chosen.
  • Our 2 bbl pilot brewery arrived and will be installed next week. Getting ready to start testing recipes.
  • Fermenters and brite beer tanks will soon assume their spots on the stylish grey floor.
  • Our hydra-headed keg washer will join its brethren on the floor.
  • Cold room (which we purchased from our friends down at Mayflower Brewing) is being dissembled at its former home in Plymouth and reassembled here in Weymouth.

Things continue to take shape and it's great to see the transformation.

Now, the question on everyone’s mind: beer, when will there be beer?

We’re looking to have beer for distribution (growlers most likely) in May. Bottling will follow shortly. It’s important to note that we’re still waiting for our federal TTB license which allows us to file for state approvals. Only then, can we can start pouring.

So, we’re getting closer, much closer. Thanks for following our progress!

P.S. It’s worth noting that the Hingham Community Center is holding a beer tasting fundraiser on 3/31. Some great local breweries are participating. We won’t be pouring, but we took a trip to Harpoon recently and did a test batch of RR#23 (un-aged, or ITB for In The Buff, and 1-month aged). Harpoon agreed to pour for us at the event, so if you want a preview of what’s to come, tickets are available at