The words above were spoken by this author at the latest installment of Startup Stir Founders Forum, an event held last week in Boston. Beacon Hill Partners has been hosting this series of conversations, with last week’s conference including innovative startup founders, business leaders, and Mayor Walsh.

Needless to say, I was honored to get the nod.

I had to give some careful consideration to my presentation, and the words above sum things up well. It’s also fair to say I was influenced by the legendary Carl Casper. Who (you may/may not know) is not a real person, but the main character in Jon Favreau’s movie Chef.

If you haven’t seen movie Chef, you need to see it.

Why? Because it’s a great, big-hearted movie. It’s almost an ode to the best life has to offer: road trip, second chances, creativity, relationships, food, music, and drink. The gist of the story is simple:  Chef Casper reclaims his creative mojo and career via mastery of a deceptively simple sandwich, the Cubano, and a refurbished & revitalized food truck.

No need to fear the spoiler. You just gotta see it. In fact, the movie is always rattling around my head. It was as I prepped for Start Up Stir, and is as we push forward with the plethora of details involved in Barrel House Z.

Here’s where we stand with Barrel House Z: Raising equity to get Barrel House Z capitalized has been ongoing, with things looking great as summer gets the elbow and we settle in for what we hope is long autumn.

With equity raised, lease in negotiation, and bank loans forthcoming, attention turns to beer and brewing. Yes, there are only five major ingredients used to make Barrel House Z beers: malt, hops, yeast, water, and barrel. Simple in theory, however, the art of brewing resides in careful consideration of how to combine each ingredient. Much thought will be given.

The vision of a brewery comes to life not only by the beer style, ingredients, quantities, and how the beer will be served, but also by details such as equipment selection and brewery layout which are impacted further by constraints of budget, available square footage, ceiling heights, utilities, and number of people at work in the brewery. This nitty-gritty stuff is the bedrock of any operation, and not to be taken lightly.

We will be spending the fall focusing on the build out of the new brewery. All eyes are on the potential new location, as we hash out which used vs. new equipment to install, how it will be laid out, and how the brewery will operate. Some talented new folks are joining us, which speeds ideas & progress.

And although a food truck is not in the offing, let it be known: we’re having a blast.