Collaboration #1: RR #23

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Collaboration #1: RR #23

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Collaborator:  Scott Hutchinson

Style:  Red Rye Ale

Un-aged ABV:  6.5% (ABV of aged products will be between 7-9%)

OG: 15.8

Aged In one of the following barrels:  Cruzan Rum, Bully Boy Whiskey, Storm Along Cider

Aged Version:
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Barrel House Z's very own founder Russ Heissner got his start in the beer world as the first brewer for Harpoon in the late 80's. It's only fitting that our first collaboration be with an old friend from Harpoon, Scott Hutchinson.

RR #23 is a rye ale that is a well balanced and drinkable ale with an aroma of subtle fruit esters and clean fresh fresh German Hallertauer hops.