An ever-changing series of beers from our pilot plant. Great beers come, stay a while, and then new greats take their place. 

As a small-batch brewery, this list is happily subject to constant change. Updated: 6/28/17

1775 | Southern English Brown Ale  BARREL: Cruzan Rum
A beauty of a beer from Dan Clark. Malt forward with notes of toffee & caramel. Roasted chocolate-y bitterness. Hint of cinnamon. Enhanced, creamy mouth feel from lactose.

NEAR NIRVANA | Milk & Honey Lager ITB  ABV 4.8%
Great new collab from Jeffrey Squires, a milk & honey lager. Deep, golden lager with clean, crisp yet slightly sweet taste. Biscuit notes, light citrus from Cascade. Touch of honey flavor. Lower ABV of 4.8% for easy summer drinking. 

A collaboration with a great oyster guy (and very nice person) Mike Withington of Rock Oyster in Kingston, MA. Kettle soured with American ale yeast. Bready character. Light briny notes, lemon sourness, bit of floral essence. Light bodied.

ERNIE | Maibock  BARREL: Madeira ABV 7.7%
Traditional Maibock with a BHZ twist from Team Chris. We took the light, easy drinking lager and created a complex lager with some alcohol warmth. Maderia barrel shines! Full bodied. Prominent notes of stone fruit and grape.

RYE I OUGHTA | Rye Pale  ITB ABV 5.1%
Team Chris really, really loves rye. Always thinking of new things to do with it! This beer drinks (dare we say it?) like an IPA. Hints of rye spiciness. Double dry-hopped. Orange, lemon, pine, grapefruit, herbal notes. Full mouth feel.

GRACE ANNE | Baltic Porter   BARREL: Bully Boy Whiskey ABV 8.9%
Brian Donovan's beer was a finalist in our 2017 BHZ LIFT OFF contest. Chocolate & caramel sweetness. Full bodied with light vanilla notes.                   

BEASHT | Scotch Wee Heavy   BARREL: Bully Boy Whiskey ABV 8.1%
A great beasht of a finalist in 2017 BHZ LIFT OFF. Brewed by Tom Frizelle, you'll find caramel & toffee sweetness with hints of molasses. Some warmth that plays off the whiskey barrel.

WADE'S WIT | Witbier  ITB: In The Buff  4.1% (back next week)
An homage to summer from Chef Mike Morway. Name given in honor of his favorite Sox player. This refreshing, easy drinker has spicy notes from coriander, grains of paradise, orange and lemon peel. Excellent patio pour!

EASY BREEZY | Witbier & Blood Orange & Lemonade. ABV 3.3% (back next week)
Our latest patio pour release. Easy Breezy is a summer collab with our very own Bri Grealish. Just the beer to sip while sitting back in an Adirondack chair and watching competitive corn hole. 

SUNNY & 79º | Ginned Pilsner   BARREL: Tequila ABV 6.1% and ITB (In the BUFF) 6.0%
Co-brew with Doug MacNair. Traditional pilsner style with a handful of summer's most memorable flavors. Pilsner and Munich malts. Nugget, Pacifica, and Mandarina hops. Plus juniper berry and citrus peel.

ADELINE | Stout   BARREL: American Whiskey ABV 8.8% (available on draft & nitro)
Brewer Chris Webster started creating this recipe in 2008 while in graduate school. Years of work paid off. Deep chocolate notes. Dark roast on the barley for an essential bitterness. Touch of flaked barley smooths. Time in the whiskey barrels gives hint of caramel, oak, and just a whisper of whiskey.

TOWNIE | Strong Irish Ale  BARREL: 1-mos. Rum 9.2%   
For our third collaboration, co-brewers Dan McGuire and Russ Heissner selected Pale and Dark Crystal Malts to give Townie big flavor with a smooth finish. Apollo and Cascade hops lend a balanced floral essence.  

RR#23| rum-barrel aged meets ginger beer. Spoiler alert: it's a happy ending!

maine root| root beer
spindrift | sparkling water

BEER SNACK:  macanadas mac n' cheese filled empanadas

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