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Adeline |Stout 
Brewer: Chris Webster

Barrel: 1-Mos. American Whiskey
Adeline is brewed by Chris Webster, a microbiologist with a PhD turned brewer. BHZ founder Russ Heissner notes that “Chris Webster’s decision to brew this beer with Barrel House Z is something beer lovers everywhere should be very happy about.” Chris named his stout after his young daughter. A tribute young Adeline will come to appreciate in the years ahead.

Dark brown with ruby highlights, Adeline offers deep chocolate notes, while a dark roast on the barley lends an essential bitterness. A touch of flaked barley smooths, gives a rich mouth feel. The Aging in American whiskey barrels lends a hint of caramel and oak as well as a whisper of whiskey. ABV is 10%

Asked where he’d prefer to sip this deep, dark stout, brewer Chris Webster responded, “next to a campfire & under a sky full of stars.”  Here’s to star-filled nights wherever they may be.