In 1986, Russ Heissner came to Boston to be the first head brewer at Harpoon. In 2016, a new brewing adventure began in Weymouth, MA.

The BHZ team brews small-batch, barrel-aged beer that’s created collaboratively with an ever-changing roster of innovative brewers. Our philosophy, however, never varies. We believe the best beer comes from exceptional ideas & ingredients–and is guided by rigorous technique.

Our pilot plant is in constant motion. We tap a new Pilot Pour weekly, which means you’ll find 10 to 12 amazing brews in our tasting room. Always something new. We also brew beer for draft & bottles. 


BEERS | 4-Packs + Draft

Release Date: June 28

Release Date: June 28

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An ever-changing series of beers from our pilot plant. Great beers come, stay a while, and then new greats take their place. 

As a small-batch brewery, this list is happily subject to constant change. Updated: 7/17/19

Our community pour in honor of Sgt. Chesna and Vera Adams. Crisp, easy-drinking blonde ale with slightly hoppy character.

Coldwater Crisp Apple Crisper || Pale Ale 4.3%

Cousin to Coldwater Crisp Peach Cobbler. On the palate, notes of sweet, caramel malts, super-crisp apple, hint of spice, and breadiness. Great full body from oats and lactose.

Acapulco Gold || Double IPA 9.2%
Tequila Barrel Kissed

Great collab with Curtis Liquors. Pale malt, malted rye, malted red wheat, CaraRed (light German crystal). Brewed with Columbus and Chinook hash. Dry hopped in Herradura Reposado Tequila barrels with Chinook, Columbus, Summit, and Pacific Jade hashes. Flavor profile: assertive bitterness, resiny, dank, citrus, pine, slightly herbal.

Funkin’ Fiesty || Sour Lager 7.2%
Divine inspiration struck BHZ hard a few months ago, when we decided to allocate some of our festbier release for a sour aging project. Bully Boy Whiskey barrels were used. Funky, lightly tart, with hints of grape must, apple brandy, and caramel.

BHZ 3rd Anniversary Belgian Tripel 9.6%
Aged in Bully Boy Rum Barrels

Our birthday brew is lightly hopped, with a fruity, honeyish aroma. Aged in beautiful Bully Boy Rum barrels for additional notes of vanilla and black strap molasses.

Boss Bock || Dunkel Bock 7%
Last March, we held a MA home brewer’s competition and Jeremy Adams’ dunkel bock took first prize. His recipe was inspired by a visit from his boss, a craft beer fan who loves Dead Guy Ale. Appropriately named Boss Bock, this beer has great malty aroma and flavor. Munich and Maris Otter used as base malts, with Simpson Double Roasted malt lending caramel roastiness.

B3 || Coffee Milk Stout, ABV 6.4%
Beans, Barrels, Barely ... ain't nothing better! Inspired by Cape Cod Coffee beans that we aged in a beautiful rum barrel. After fermentation, the beer was conditioned on these beans. Expect roasted coffee with hints of cocoa on the nose. On the palate, creamy full body, big flavors of coffee and Bakers chocolate, notes of vanilla, caramel, and char.

Spaghooty Grisootty || Grisette 3.9%
Light-bodied cousin of the saison, this Belgian brew has a big flavor profile. Biscuity malt character with subtle smokey notes from barley malt smoked over alderwood. Clean, peppery finish.

Empty Skies || Baltic Porter 9%
Rum Barrel Aged
Just what your doctor should order. Aroma of dark fruit, sweet malt. Deep, warm flavors of dried cherries, plums, raisins, toffee, molasses. Hints of licorice, chocolate and coffee.

Bamboozled By Hops | IPA BATCH #4 ABV 6.7%
Batch #4 in our rotating-hops IPA series. Dry hopped with El Dordado and Amarillo. Expect BIG citrus notes: orange, grapefruit, and lime

Coldwater Crisp | Peach Cobbler Pale Ale 4.3%
Coldwater Crisp first came into this world as a taproom Pilot Pour last summer. It's inspired by peach crisp & all its creamy, peachy goodness. Aroma of honeyed granola and sweet malt. Notes of stone fruit and vanilla. Lactose added for luscious, full-bodied character.

Sunny & 79º | Pilsner
S79 marries a traditional pilsner style with summer's most memorable flavors. Dry spiced with juniper berry, citrus peel, coriander, and cardamom. Two releases.
ITB (In the Buff) 5.4%
Tequila Barrel Aged 6.8%

Sunny & 79º Radler 4.9%
Sunny & 79º ITB with sparkling blood orange San Pellagrino

Sunny-Rita 6.4%
Sunny & 79º Tequila Barrel Aged beer with a nice pour of agave nectar, lemon & lime

maine root| root beer & orange
spindrift | sparkling water

Fat Pretzel warm pretzels w/ choice of sauces
Sarcastic Swine smoked chicken wings w/ choice of sauces [WINGS ON WEDNESDAY $5/ORDER]
Bamboozled By Queso
dip & tortillas

We try to schedule food trucks or pop ups on FRI & SAT nights. Check our calendar for details. Also, you're welcome to bring/order-in food. We've got great recommendations for local spots that deliver. Just ask our servers!

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